Level Belt Lite Support

DRM Music

Unfortunately, due to limitations in Apple’s operating system, the Level Belt Lite app cannot play music that has DRM, or digital rights management. Music purchased and downloaded from iTunes before April 2009 used DRM copy protection. Since that time, Apple has moved to a new format for purchased music that does not include DRM. DRM-protected songs from iTunes have the .m4p file extension. They will still play fine in the Music player and in many other apps.

I want to play my DRM-protected music in Level Belt Lite–What Do I Do?

There are several solutions available out there, and they range in price from Free on up. Perfect Practice does not endorse any particular method, but here are links to several ways:

  • Sign up for iTunes Match from Apple. Once you pay the $24.99 for the first year, iTunes will scan your entire library and make it available for streaming from anywhere. And if you delete your DRM-protected tracks, then you’ll be able to download new DRM-free versions in iTunes (backup your computer first, just to be safe). Click here for more info on this process.
  • Use TunePat ($34.95 to buy) or Tune4Mac (free trial, $49.95 to buy) to convert DRM-protected tracks on your computer to some DRM-free format. See this blog at Wired for details.
  • Search Google for the words convert drm to mp3 for more solutions.

For any further questions on playing music with the Level Belt Lite, please contact us at support@perfectpracticeusa.com.

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