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10 thoughts on “Store

    1. Currently the apps are only available for iPhones. We are working on Android versions right now, and are hoping to have it out in 2015!

      1. We’re working on it, but it is too early to say exactly when it will come. Thanks for your interest–we hope to be able to serve Android users soon!

    1. The pocket in the belt is appropriately sized for an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. For an iPhone 6, we recommend one of two options:
      1) You can get the clip from us so that you can velcro your iPhone to the outside. This holds extremely well, so there are no concerns about it falling off.

      2) If you would like to, you can remove a little bit of stitching where we have tightened the pocket to fit an iPhone 4. Removing that stitching doesn’t affect the other stitching for the pocket, and the iPhone 6 fits great in there once you do that. We do recommend using a right-angle adapter on your headphones in that case though, so the edge of the pocket doesn’t strain the headphone cord. Several users have done this, though we cannot honor any warranty against defects if you make this modification.

    1. Hi Evie,

      We do have a belt that is compatible with the iPhone 6 if you are willing to have the iPhone 6 clipped/velcroed to the outside of the belt, as mentioned in the above comment. We would strongly suggest giving that a try–customers have been very happy with that so far. And if you decide you want to try removing the extra stitching to put the iPhone 6 inside the pocket and you don’t end up liking that, you could always go back to our velcroed clip. Thanks!

    1. If you are planning to modify the pocket, please go with the Base package for an iPhone 5 belt. Or purchase a Clip bundle or Cloud bundle with the iPhone 6 clip.

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