How it Works

Strong evidence exists to support the benefits of trunk stabilization and strength. The problem lies in ones ability to measure this stability and strength especially in a functional position.

The way in which a person moves or positions their trunk can vary greatly by which musculature is being recruited for the movement pattern or positioning. Movement and positioning is most often a learned pattern of selective neuromuscular recruitment which is influenced by the body’s proprioception or awareness in space. Often, poor movement patterns and positions expose individual to undo stress to their musculoskeletal structures and risk for injury.

The Perfect Practice Level Belt is the first known device which measures the stabilization of the trunk over the pelvis and leg in a functional position (closed chain or standing position).  It provides audible feedback to the user when they have positioned their trunk out of a specified range of motion.

The Perfect Practice Level Belt is attached to the subject providing anchoring for subsequent measurements.  The principles that we automate measure how far off level the pelvis or other reference point is relative to the earth’s gravitational field – this measurement is accomplished by a bubble level providing positional feedback to an electronic inclinometer which provides electronic feedback.

The Perfect Practice Level Belt can assess frontal and sagittal planes of motion.  Subjects will obtain a better knowledge of their personal trunk strength and trunk positioning during a functional activity. Subjects will further gain knowledge of areas of potential injury if strength deficits are identified and be given a tool which both measures and evaluates their improvement.

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