Adios, Level Belt Pro and Level Belt Lite

Dear Level Belt Pro and Level Belt Lite customers,

Since 2012 it has been our pleasure to provide the Level Belt Pro and Level Belt Lite apps to help you train, work with clients, and improve your posture and core stability. Unfortunately, with Apple’s introduction of iOS 11 and the costs associated with updating apps to conform to the changes, we will be unable to continue to support these apps. Therefore, for anyone who wishes to continue to use Level Belt Pro or Level Belt Lite, you will need to stay with iOS 10 or earlier. If you want or need to upgrade to iOS 11 to take advantage of its new features, we welcome you to switch to our CoreX Equine, CoreX Sports, or CoreX Therapy apps, as they all are compatible with iOS 11.

If you have data on Level Belt Pro that you need to save, you can use the Export All to email all of your data as CSV text files that can be opened in Excel or other programs.

If you are a current subscriber to Level Belt Pro’s cloud service, that subscription automatically carries over to all the CoreX apps.

Any questions, please drop us a line at