Western riding with the Level Belt

Those of you who ride Western, the Level Belt can help you too! A few weeks ago we blogged about using the Level Belt for dressage training and posted a couple of videos on our YouTube page. Now we’ve done it again with a friend riding Western!

A few features that you riders and trainers out there might find useful:

  • Sue can get immediate feedback when she slouches too much (high tone in the video) or arches her back too much (low tone in the video). Getting high tones for arching the back instead is as simple as flipping the belt over so the iPhone/iPod’s Home button is on the other side.
  • Biofeedback can be started and stopped at any time using a standard plug-in headphone with remote built in to the cord, so you don’t have to reach back and tap the button or have someone else walk up and tap it
  • When combined with a bluetooth external speaker such as the HMDX Audio HX-P230RD JAM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (available in lots of colors) you can either get louder feedback without wearing headphones, or the trainer can listen to the feedback even as the rider and horse walk away. Isn’t that cool?

Riders and trainers, please let us know how you are using it to enhance learning of proper posture during horseback riding!

-Ajit Chaudhari, Perfect Practice

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